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Optimistic about the prospects of recycled plastics industry

Along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the plastic waste recycling admission processing, people pay more and more attention. Plastic burning will produce toxic gases, landfill is difficult to decompose, will pollute the soil environment. But the plastic can be recycled through the cycle, not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also save energy consumption, optimistic about the prospects of recycled plastics industry. The source of waste plastics including plastic film, plastic packing box, plastic containers, daily plastic products, plastic bags, plastic wire etc..

Reclaimed plastics because of the higher environmental advantage than the native plastic, but many manufacturers. Using polyester as an example, energy demand is insufficient native regeneration polyester 2/3, and reduced the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide 1/2 2/3, water consumption is reduced by 10 times, while avoiding the original plastic waste landfill treatment. At present, recycled plastics has been in the textile, automotive, food and beverage packaging, electronics and other fields of application. Now the waste plastics to buy all over the country, has formed a number of large-scale recycling trading centers and processing together, mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning, optimistic about the prospects of recycled plastics industry.

Champoux consulting chemical industry analysts think, optimistic about the prospects of plastics recycling industry, but in the actual development process, still faces many problems, mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1 recycled plastic, poor quality stability. Because of wide source of recycled plastics, quality is uneven, the performance difference between batches; 2 recycled plastic price higher than the original plastic. High out of recycled plastic price native plastic price 30%-50%. In addition, recycled plastic color more dark, color limitations; 3 of waste plastics using views misunderstanding. Popular that the recycled plastic product is shoddy products, only as waste or direct degradation, loss of the chemical properties of the original, and heavier odor.

According to the general advice is still published "2011-2016 analysis of China recycled plastics plate market and development prospect of Research Report" shows, China's waste plastic recycling enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, technology is still on the physical recovery. Recycling of waste plastics is a complex process, with the technology innovation, product and industrial structure adjustment, the regeneration of the waste plastic products of our country is to develop high quality, variety, high technology.
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