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The 12th Five Year Plan of China Plastics processing industry will grow

As everyone knows, the plastic in the engineering construction industry, manufacturing industry has been widely used, because it is more energy-saving than other materials. With the development of city and the accelerating process of globalization, promote energy demand and climate protection measures, the growing demand for plastic products. Plastic is playing an increasingly important role in various industrial fields. In 2011, the plastics processing industry is bittersweet. In 2011, the plastics processing industry enterprises above the scale of production of plastic products 54740000 tons, up 22.35% year on year. 1-11 months, above scale plastic processing industry enterprises the main business income of 1398770000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.73%, profit 73830000000 yuan, grow 29.32% compared to the same period. But at the same time, enterprises losses of 4351000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 43.65%.

Champoux consulting industry analysts believe that, at present, plastic materials market is developing to the direction of green environmental protection sustainable materials, plastic products, alternative metal products is represent the general trend. In recent years, the application of plastic displacement of metal also emerge in an endless stream. Such as: in the auto parts manufacturing of plastic steel, can reduce vehicle weight, which helps to reduce fossil fuel consumption etc.. In terms of medical treatment, plastic polyester ether ketone can be used as medical implants and minimal surgical implant hose etc..

The twenty-first Century is the century environmental protection, environmental problems are becoming more and more important, the energy resources more nervous, in order to meet the requirements of the new age of plastic packaging materials in addition to being asked can meet the requirements of market to the packaging quality and quantity increasing, we must adhere to saving resources, saving resources as a starting point. As the development of new materials, new technology, new products continue to emerge, and development of high performance, multi-function direction, and actively expand the application field. Range of application but expanded plastics, performance requirements for plastic development and technology investment is higher, which will increase the cost of using plastics.

According to the general advice is still published "2011-2016 year China Plastics Market Analysis and investment value study report" show, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" is the plastic processing industry in China from "quantity" to "quality increases critical period", adjust the industrial structure, change the mode of operation, balanced industrial development very difficult task.
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